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Lawmakers have continued to draft identity theft legislation.

At the end of 2007, more than 200 bills focusing on the issue were pending at the state level.

While there are preventative measures that can be taken, identity theft is a serious crime that is conducted in many ways and has caused large amounts of damage for many individuals.

Many people welcome family and friends into their home and never consider the possibility that they would steal person information.

There are a number of protection plan companies a consumer can choose from.

Each company has their own plans to choose from and each have different rates.In 1998, at the time the ITADA was passed, only a few states had specific laws criminalizing identity theft (GAO, 2002).Although all 50 states and the District of Columbia currently have identity theft laws, there is significant variation in what behaviors are classified as identity theft, penalties for offenders, and assistance to victims of identity theft (Perl, 2003).Although the term identity theft is often applied to a wide range of crimes, including checking account fraud, counterfeiting, forgery, auto theft using false documentation, trafficking in human beings, and terrorism, most policymakers and researchers agree that identity theft includes the misuse of another individual’s personal information to commit fraud. In the decade following passage of ITADA, reports of identity theft victimizations to the FTC surged. Three years later, the number reported increased nearly 250% to 214,905 complaints (FTC, 2004).The issue that has impeded development of a universally accepted definition centers on the concept of “personal information.” VII. Data from other government agencies and private organizations also support the claim that identity theft has risen exponentially since 1998. The Privacy and American Business (P&AB) survey reports that the incidence of identity theft almost doubled from 2001 to 2002 (P&AB, 2003).Anybody is at risk of identity theft; nobody is safe.As beginning IT students, it is important to learn the basic way to protect ourselves right now.This research paper provides an overview of what is known about identity theft.The research paper begins with a discussion of the ambiguity and difficulties scholars have in defining the crime.In other words, it is stealing the identity of a certain person and pretending to be that person by assuming their identity, usually so as to access their resources or to obtain recognition and other profits in their name (Cheney, 2005).There are many forms of crime related to identity theft.


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