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A Complete The Thesis Statement-86
Almost all assignments, no matter how complicated, can be reduced to a single question.

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Notice how the thesis answers the question, “What should be done to reduce sugar consumption by children, and who should do it?

” When you started thinking about the paper, you may not have had a specific question in mind, but as you became more involved in the topic, your ideas became more specific.

Your thesis changed to reflect your new insights.[Back to top]Remember that your thesis needs to show your conclusions about a subject.

For example, if you are writing a paper for a class on fitness, you might be asked to choose a popular weight-loss product to evaluate.

Limited (The thesis statement should limit the subject into a manageable topic and it should suggest how the topic is approached.) Writing about your experience with hurricane Katrina is a HUGE topic, so is writing about your high school experience.

For example, consider writing about one day of your high school career or about the day that your returned home after evacuating during the storm.We refer to that condensation as a thesis statement.In general, your thesis statement will accomplish these goals if you think of the thesis as the answer to the question your paper explores. You can either scroll down or select a link to a specific topic.After reflecting on the topic a little while longer, you decide that what you really want to say about this topic is that something should be done to reduce the amount of sugar these children consume.You revise your thesis statement to look like this: Because half of all American elementary school children consume nine times the recommended daily allowance of sugar, schools should be required to replace the beverages in soda machines with healthy alternatives.Furthermore, it raises a subject upon which reasonable people could disagree, because while most people might agree that children consume more sugar than they used to, not everyone would agree on what should be done or who should do it.You should note that this fragment is not a thesis statement because your reader doesn’t know your conclusions on the topic.Make the thesis statement a simple or a complex sentence.A compound sentence will not be unified because it communicates two ideas.Readers need to be able to see that your paper has one main point.If your thesis statement expresses more than one idea, then you might confuse your readers about the subject of your paper.


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