A Mystery Story Essay

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The introduction of Dartmoor was a positive one, “like some fantastic landscape in a dream”, but later Watson contemplated the situation, and hinted menace to the reader, “forbidding moor”, suggesting the moor may be sinister.

He also mentioned it would be a “dangerous quest” if a venture occurred on the moor.

The emerging nuclear stations pose a great risk to human race, given that even at the most peaceful time, accidents can cause untold catastrophes that can be experienced across many generations.

The Hound of the Baskervilles is a detective story written by Conan Doyle, and it stars the most famous fiction detective character, Sherlock Holmes.

Detective novels feature a conflict and contest between law and order, which is symbolised by the detective, and unlawful and disorder, symbolised by the criminal.

Justice usually prevails at the end of a detective story, when the detective works out who the criminal is, and captures him/her.The barometers to measure the nation’s power are no longer based on its ability to feed their people but on the precision of the fighting arsenals in its possession.Science and technology has made it possible to have every square meter of the vast globe being monitored by fire spitting satellites waiting for any possible provocation.Conan Doyle’s detective stories focus on the main character, Holmes, the plot, and the puzzle of identifying the criminal.The plot is dialogue driven, as the plot is advanced through dialogue between characters.This single case has raised tempers among the North Korea allies who are always threatening to cause havoc if North Korea is not allowed to use nuclear in its scientific development projects (Mc Namara 19).The horrible experience on September 11th was a chilling reminder on what our highly valuable scientific innovations can feed us on, even in the unexpected time when we are experiencing peace.Space dominance and nuclear science has lately become a factor that fuels a renewed arms race with every nation claiming to be innocent and blaming the neighbor for being aggressive and provocative.North Korea for example, has continuously blamed Israel and USA for developing nuclear weapons while denying them a chance to do the same.The three main settings in this novel are 221B Baker Street, the home of Sherlock Holmes, Baskerville Hall, and Dartmoor.I will be discussing how these settings are presented to readers, and what sort of atmosphere they uphold.


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