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Note that she does not challenge Eddies right to decide whether she should take the job or not (that is given) all Catherine can do is cajole and encourage him into allowing her to go to work.

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In gratitude to Eddie’s hospitality, Marco reacts with “near tears) Eduardo”.

The audience notices that Marco cries to show his emotion, which is considered masculine.

Catherine really should be asking what right he has to decide her future.

The fact that the male dominance of the household is never challenged and we end the play on a typically masculine fight over the macho concept of honour with the women passively looking on means that this play reinforces the perceived gender roles of the 1950s that men are active, strong providers while women are passive and weak nurturers.

After reading that Eddie was the one who betrayed them, Marco and Rodolfo react differently.

Rodolfo acts as a mediator to prevent bloodshed as he endeavors to subdue Eddie’s infuriation by confronting Eddie and saying, “I kiss your hand” in apology, although he has not done anything wrong.

Marco tells Beatrice “I could send [my family] a little more if I stay here.” Marco’s wish to stay temporarily in the Carbone household is connected with money, which indicates that he, like Rodolfo, is concerned about employment and pecuniary issues.

Although they are brothers, Marco and Rodolfo have different characteristics.

Meanwhile, Marco acts as the antagonist and Rodolfo’s presence gives rise to the conflict. Rodolfo demonstrates that he is eager to work and gives the reader the impression that he hopes to live the American dream by emphasizing that he is willing to “work hard”.

Upon the cousins’ arrival, Miller makes it clear that Marco and Rodolfo are both illegal immigrants who have surreptitiously travelled to USA for work. As America is prospering in the age of affluence, many immigrants including Rodolfo and Marco believe that as long as one works hard, one will be rewarded with good pay.


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