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All students must be honest with their studies, and in turn, honest with themselves as well as their professors and piers.

Students are also given many research opportunities that accompany the in-class experiences.

These research opportunities allow students the chance to gather information from different perspectives and from both expert and non-expert opinions.

Academic dishonesty is a main concern for all students and facility members of any institution because of classes that are offered online, which may lead to students to plagiarize and cheat on assignments.

With the new development of technology, the honesty of academic writing has become more of a confrontation.

With plagiarizing being a common problem, instructors have a detailed guideline for the students; and the students are expectant to create their own checklist to avoid them from partaking in this dishonest practice, (Cheating Statistics). There are numerous reasons why students plagiarize.

Some persuasive reasons for students to consider plagiarism are deadlines, or an overwhelming assignment, or just plain laziness.

Academic honesty is defined as the use of one's own work, this includes thoughts, materials and workings, in Integrity, as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is “the quality of being honest and fair, and the state of being complete or whole” (Merriam-Webster).

At Rutgers, this quality is expected of each and every student in regards to their academics.

Professor Donald Mc Cabe, a leading expert in academic integrity, conducted a survey, which showed that between 25-30 percent of college undergraduates confessed to some type of deliberate plagiarism, (Cheating Statistics).

In 2001, Professor Donald Mc Cabe interviewed 1800 students at nine different universities and 84 percent acknowledged that they had cheated, (Cheating Statistics).


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