Adolf Loos Ornament And Crime Essay

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When these differences arent that much studied in an expression which centers around the abandoning the use of ornaments, this expression is weakened.

The title of the work is based on an essay, “Ornament and Crime” written in 1908 by the influential "modern" Austrian architect Adolf Loos.

Specifically, Loos viewed superfluous ornament as an epidemic, one that contributed to the obsolescence of objects.

He advocated for simplicity, because simple objects never go out of style and therefore would be treasured for all time.

“* “All of these reasons are suggested in architect Adolf Loos outrageous 1908 manifesto “Ornament and Crime,” an essay designed to infuriate fine artists, as it suggests they are decadent if not infantile, stuck in a primitive state of mental development.

“The evolution of culture is synonymous with the removal of ornament from objects of daily use,” Loos declares, flatly rejecting the idea that lack of ornament implies an ascetic self-denial—and then proceeds to insult anyone who might disagree.The work itself is an experiment in the act of collecting and curating as a mode of artistic expression.The two-part, site-specific, multi-media tableau exploits the capacity of objects to evoke an abstract narrative through a complex web of associations.For those who ornament their bodies with tattoos, he declares, “The modern man who tattoos himself is a criminal or a degenerate.There are prisons where 80 percent of the inmates bear tattoos.The highly attenuated selection of objects allows viewers to locate themselves within the contradictions and social inequities caused by the ideological forces dominating our urban culture.Society is plagued by an ever-widening class stratification, the spectre of the military-industrial prison complex, the futile and costly war on drugs, all symptoms of the dysfunctional modern global capitalist reality.Also he had two main ideas that supported his anti-ornament ideas which were that it is a misuse of the valuable worksmanship of workers and that it harms the mental health which results in the dellaying of the improvement in society and culture.I think Adolf Loos’s ideas are very compelling and attractive towards many people because of its use of relatable but also harsh critisizing comparisons.Loos introduced a sense of the "immorality" of ornament, describing it as "degenerate" and criminal, its elimination as necessary for regulating modern society.His writings laid the groundwork for the later ideology of the Bauhaus and modern architecture.


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