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For instance, you might say, 'In 1965, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act guaranteed federal funding to local schools, a responsibility previously relegated to states, hand in hand with federal regulations previously unheard of.Since then, Congress has continually reauthorized and expanded the provisions of this law.' Another related example or two could help you nail this question!United States historians have noted several events that have expanded the power of the federal government. Briefly explain how ONE of the following options most clearly expanded the power of the federal government: the Civil War, the New Deal, or the Great Society. Provide an example or development to support your answer. Contrast your choice against one of the other options, briefly explaining why it is not as good an example of the expansion of federal power. For part A, I would underline two choices for which you can quickly imagine points of similarity.

Once again, you can answer part A with a focused topic sentence.

You might say, 'Tammany Hall, represented symbolically as a tiger, is an example of a political machine, one of the most controversial organizations of the late 19th century.

Instead, how about: 'Even though the New Deal created Social Security, the Great Society's War on Poverty greatly expanded it, including the addition of Medicare and Medicaid.

Today, related social welfare programs make up more than half of the federal budget.' Let's look at one more example: Using the 1871 image above entitled 'The Tammany Tiger Loose,' answer A, B, and C. Briefly explain the background situation that led Thomas Nast to create this cartoon. Briefly explain the point of view expressed by the artist and why he and others may have felt this way. Briefly explain the opposing point of view and why some people may have felt this way.

Finally, you need to contrast the Great Society with your other answer choice.

While you could argue that the most controversial programs of the New Deal were overturned by the Supreme Court (and thus not a permanent expansion), that doesn't present a direct contrast.

Next, jot down at least three very specific examples for both of them, again keeping in mind that you will need to compare the two later.

To quickly identify an answer to part C, look for a flaw in one of the examples or the event with weaker support.

Most of the available samples require students to answer parts A, B, and C.

Many of these questions will challenge you to think about opposing viewpoints.


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