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Pay attention to key phrases, appropriate vocabulary, cohesive devices to make you text understandable for the audience.Among cohesive devices we may name deixis, repetition, linking phrases, synonyms etc.

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With all these peculiarities, your work will be of the highest level. There are some people that read just an introduction and then decide whether they are engaged with the topic and thesis statement you present.

This paragraph may explain the topic you are describing and pondering and provide some background knowledge about the topic.

Expository essay on will give you the opportunity to express your attitude towards the topic you have and propose your own argument connected with the topic.

The common structure of an essay is not exquisite and something hard to understand.

Schools have been considered ideal places to communicate drug prevention because they are natural places for youth to congregate and learn.

Unfortunately, this method of prevention has proven to be ineffective.

Today, there is a clear need for effective drug prevention programmes directed toward youth.

Traditionally, young people have been exposed to drug prevention programmes during their school years.

People subsist on drugs usually to relieve pain when they have cancer and other destructive disorders.

As you see, this topic may be treated from several perspectives.


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