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Creon on the other hand feels that the superior law should be that of the government to the point that all other beliefs should be disregarded in preference to the state.Creon reinforces his viewpoint by voicing his belief that Antigone’s brother, Polyneices, should not be buried because of his disobedience to the state when he attacked Thebes.The paper analyzes the play `Antigone` by ancient Greek writer and poet, Sophocles.

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Ismene is torn between that familial loyalty and her obligation to the government.The play looks at two conflicting sets of values from different points of view.Antigone, while she values her relationship within the gods unit sincerely believes that the laws of the gods should not take priority over any other more private aspects of her life, especially in more personal matters held within the household.Throughout the story, you find that the gods were constantly being questioned or challenged and talked about in some form or fashion.You get the sense that you really know and understand them even if they are not present in front of you on the stage.Who should have the supreme authority over the people?We all may have different opinions on the very topic.Antigone and Oedipus Rex are both tragic plays by Sophocles.In many ways, these plays are similar to one another as tragedies.The play Antigone begins with a very basic introduction to fifth and sixth century Greek theatre and gives the audience (or readers) a simple synopsis of the importance of Greek theatre at the time and by extension its ultimate value to the writers themselves.However, once those basic fundamentals are understood, Sophocles then turns our attention to the personality traits of the main characters pointing out their many admirable qualities and their faults as well.


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