Argumentative Essay About The Use Of Animals In Scientific Research

Argumentative Essay About The Use Of Animals In Scientific Research-58
But just think how many benefits we have today thanks the biological experiments which were held in the last years.There are many happy and live people, who could overcome even the most terrible disease – cancer. Today the drug stores are full of medicals that can be used for recovering from many illnesses. The question is opened and there is no any ban for making animal researches, so they are still held in biological institutions.

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Firstly, different research institutions in the world say that with the help of such experiments, there is still live of Earth. The testing of cosmetics is also held upon animals; the components of cosmetic tools can cause irritation, burn, inflammation and other complications.

Just recall the testing with dogs which led to the discovering of insulin. Biologists decide to conduct an experiment on an animal without asking; supposing, no human would like to be experimented on, would he? We live in a modern world, where the computers and other techniques are the main part of our daily life.

As a result of an unsuccessful research, the animal welfare act can do nothing about it. People don’t complain about it, as the chicken should be eaten for the person to live. Well, this question: whether to use animal for scientific researches or not is still worth being considered, as there is no one strict opinion on it.

The other side of the problem concerns the animals which people consumes every day when they have a meal. But the scientific and biological researches are also conducted for making the life of people safer and better, don’t they? The worldwide animal defense communities cannot answer it either.

Irrespective of it, the contribution of animals is huge, as today the scientists have already found treatment methods for such illnesses as brain injury, malaria, childhood leukemia, breast cancer, tuberculosis and many more. On the other hand, after animal testing, a woman can be sure that the cosmetic is worth buying, as it safe for her skin and health.

Some of you would ask: why animals are chosen for realizing scientific research? Can you believe that mice are similar to humans for 98%? Mammals have the same organs that each of you has: lungs, heart, kidneys etc.Of course, there are vegetarians, who do not eat meat al all, but still the majority of people of Earth do eat. Some see it inhumanly, but others don’t agree with it.As for the people, they also have different point of views.The scientific centers make us sure that save methods of research only are used. The vaccine may be prepared incorrectly or it may not work. But even those animals, whose life is protected, can get badly injured.Or at least, some drugs which may have positive effect on human’s body, can affect of animals in a harmful way. None of us can imagine the pain during the experiments.The experts agree that animals, such as rats and monkeys, save thousands of human lives and claim that no alternative testing methods are useful at the moment.Many people worldwide oppose the idea of animal testing, so you can pick one of their arguments and provide the supportive evidence in your essay: Although animal testing is not a new idea, some organizations still question its effectiveness.When you are writing about the benefits of animal testing, you can focus your argumentative paper on the following points: In the medical field, the use of animals is considered as a necessity.This seems a safer way to test the effectiveness of new medication and improved treatment plans.Some may say that animal testing has its advantages, as it helps the society.But what are the benefits from using animals for scientific researches?


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