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It is an example of contesting authority within the same culture, within one’s own family, all in the attempt to shape a new self.

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Thus, the novel introduces a number of different voices: the girl/daughter/sister/woman/mother, the artist, the refugee/exile/immigrant, the Chinese versus the mainstream American voice, and, in the process, builds a scaffolding for one of the most complex use of perspectives in the writing of fiction, in general and of the (auto-)biography/memoir in particular.

Kingston’s novel appeals both to the senses and to the emotions making the reader step firstly into a realm of fantasy and remembering what is mythically obscure about the Chinese tradition; then, in a masterful network designed by the author, Kingston observes the metafictional mechanisms of writing fiction, biography, memoir, history, fictionalized history, myth and legend or all by mixing them in a molten alloy that eventually becomes a composite text.

But she herself confesses (Skenazy&Martin 75) of having written new literary structures to contain multiversions and to tell the true lives of non-fiction people who are storytellers….

After going back and forth on my classification for a couple of years, I’ve decided that I am writing …

In part four, “At the Western Palace,” the narrator underlines the necessity of the Chinese woman to adapt to a fast changing world because otherwise, the remaining behind, stuck to a confining, constraining tradition, would mean the loss in the face of the (post)modern.

Her aunt’s story of being left behind, in China by her husband who finds another wife in the Western Palace that America was, clearly pleads for the emancipation of the woman who has to take a profession into consideration and surpass her condition of mere breeder of children, and to fight for the reclaiming of her rights.

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about real people, all of whom have minds that love to invent fictions. It seems rather to fit the label of creative memoir circumscribed to the broad background of cultural memory.

There is a basic matrix of memories that represent the larger fabric of narration on which the other imagined stories are later woven.


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