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In order to defend the importance of art education in the curriculum of American schools, we need look no further than one of the most respected and revolutionary educational philosophers in American history, John Dewey.

In 1934, John Dewey published his presentations from a set of ten lectures at Harvard University on the philosophy of art.

In summary, Dewey asserts that the limitation of viewpoint that the artist expresses will only serve to limit the audience of the art, and therefore limit its universality.

In this way, art educators must both encourage freedom of expression as well as provide perspective as an observer as to what the artwork communicates.

In a way, art educators must undo, or work against, the process of education that takes place in other subjects curriculum standards.

Dewey explains the indefinable nature of art, discussing how art defies classification and labels that we traditionally hold for objects, colors, and other creative processes such as music and literature.In recent years, art education has been under attack as part of school curriculum.Because it is not always viewed as a necessary area of study, art education has fell victim during budget cuts.Some degrees may be more essay-based, others are more practical.In any case, every student will go through writing an art essay.As a consequence, students get failing grades for their writing tasks, which may foil their previous efforts.In order to prevent it, you can use our art essay writing service.Students who take art history classes have to know perfectly different artistic movements from all the periods of history.Art students also have to work hard writing numerous academic papers.Because of this, art education has not generally fallen under educational philosopher’s critical eyes.Instead, art educators have had to forge their own paths in determining how best to educate students about art and creating art.


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