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In reality, if you fail to finish your home task, you will probably get a bad mark.

On the other hand, if you refuse to go to the cinema, your friend will find another person to go with.

It is the most favorable position in making a choice.

For instance, you can turn to the assignment writing service to cope with your homework and go to the cinema with your friend freely.

I can characterize people’s life as a set of choices we always need to make.

For every choice there is a consequence and that is the reason why we are so unique and follow different paths in our lives.

Concentrate on what you feel when you voice your ideas to your fellow. The key points that should be regarded first are your own mental and physical feelings, ideas and energy. Ask what you have learned about yourself after finishing with your notes. If you are still hesitating, write the following phrases on a separate piece of paper: ‘I have made a decision to doubt and not to choose right now’ or ‘I am not ready to choose now, I need time’.

How easy was it for you to reproduce the thought that you have already decided something? Did you manage to replay all the consequences of your actions inside your head? Probably, you really need some time to collect the missing data and prepare.

Do you want to spend it as soon as you get it or would you rather save it for something special later on?

This exercise will help you identify your money personality.


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