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Indicates that the rule applies if the specified attribute value matches the top level of the attribute.This option does not include the attribute values of the children of the current attribute.Set them to inactive in case you want to delete them.

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This procedure, however, is not mandatory, as ready-to-use fields are provided for all the objects.

To manage service request assignment objects: If the rule condition is set as Service Request Product Group In including children Apple, any service request with the Apple product group or any of its children, such as i Phone, i Phone 6s, i Phone 7, i Pad, i Pad1, and i Pad 2 match the condition. This value is only relevant for category or product fields that are hierarchical.

Rules can be run on a schedule to automatically assign service requests to a queue when a service request is created or updated.

Service requests are treated as work objects and queues are treated as candidate objects.

The tasks and their associated business objects in the selected implementation project define the setup export and import definition for the configuration package.

In addition, the sequence of the tasks in the implementation project determines the export and import sequence.

The setup data in the configuration package is a snapshot of the data in the source application instance at the time of export.

Therefore, publish the assignment objects and rules before exporting them.

Define your rules to select the best candidate (queue) for each work object (service request).

In this procedure, you select attributes from the service request assignment object that you want to make available in your rules.


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