Atlas Shrugged Essay

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Atlas Shrugged is a novel of human action wherein moral conflicts may not be separated.

The government wanted to restrict the production of the creative human mind (Rand 133).

An individual is capable of initiating and choosing the course of action he or she would want to take.

The novel presents and explains what is primary in studying human actions is the nature of an individual and that an individual’s distinctive mode of action includes rationality and free will.

This is the story of a man who said that he would stop the motor of the world and did. Why did he have to fight his battle, not against his enemies, but against those who needed him most, and his hardest battle against the woman he loved?

Atlas Shrugged Essay

What is the world’s motor — and the motive power of every man?The interest of the author lies on the principles and concerns that may be articulated in action.The novel’s course of action is built on the incorporation of values and principles of the human mind and body.They are those who are completely reliant on the creative thinkers who then turned out to be the strikers of the human mind.The strikers on the other hand, are those people who formed, developed, and engineered the structure of the modern world.The author by this means brilliantly communicates the course of conflict in action.The characters Dagny Taggart and Hank Rearden are themselves the main creative thinkers.The two philosophically oppose the looters, although in action they serve in the latter’s defense.Moreover, existentially, the two disagree with Galt and the rest of the strikers except that philosophically, they are in accordance with what the strikers are trying to fight for.This is a mystery story, not about the murder — and rebirth — of man’s spirit. why Dagny felt so intense urge to have that bracelet? I can't understand what writer wants to convey with whole scene... 149-150 (50th anniversary edition) Anyone Help please.It is a philosophical revolution, told in the form of an action thriller of violent events, a ruthlessly brilliant plot structure and an irresistible suspense.


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