Aurora Borealis Essay

So even though we might not see the colors with our naked eyes doesn’t mean the colors aren’t there or that it is any less amazing. Some interpret it because of the poles have weaker magnetic fields and therefore can be penetrated or that some because of the magnetic poles the charged particles are drawn to them.

Just so you Know the Magnetic poles are not the same as the geographical poles.

However most of us are out to take photos of the auroras so set your LCD screen brightness to the lowest setting.

And use your viewfinder as much as you can to avoid using the live view.

If you need a headlight the get a red headlamp as it disturbs the night vision less.

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Leave your phone in your pocket and get a watch instead, if you are listening to something on your mobile device make a playlist so you dont look at the screen continually.

Also training your eyes can help see colors, and if you see faint colors appreciate what is happening even if it doesn’t look the same as the photos you see.

As for my process, Im shooting on a canon 550d a simple camera, shot at f3.5 on canon 10-22mm though I usually shoot on my sigma art 18-35mm f1.810 seconds because it gave me enough details in the shadows and also still sharp crips Auroras, because the coronas can move very fast and a 2.5 second is very desirable length but is usually for very contrasty images and silhouetting.

Turn the brightness of the screens to the lowest settings, like the LCD of your camera.

Use the viewfinder rather than always using liveview.


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