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Moves elsewhere in the Commonwealth of Nations continued to dilute the ties between its members, including between Britain and Australia.In 1982, Britain changed its citizenship laws to remove Commonwealth citizens (and United Kingdom citizens, now to be British citizens) from the definition of "British subject", which until then was a status shared by all Commonwealth citizens.In 1971, Australia switched its peg altogether, to the United States dollar, and in June 1972 Britain responded to this and other changes resulting from Britain's shrinking economic presence in the world by shrinking the sterling area, effectively ending the former monetary union.

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For example, in 1993, the Oath of Citizenship, which included an assertion of allegiance to the Australian monarch, was replaced by a pledge to be loyal to "Australia and its people".

Further, the state of Queensland deleted all references to the monarchy from its legislation, with new laws being enacted by its parliament and "binding on the State of Queensland," not the Crown.

However beginning with Queensland in 2013 and then followed by Victoria and the Commonwealth in 2014, the title of Queen's Counsel (QC) has again been conferred.

Currently South Australia and New South Wales are discussing the reintroduction.

Australian voters rejected a proposal to establish a republic with a parliamentary appointed head of state in a referendum held in 1999.

In his journal The Currency Lad, first published in Sydney in 1832, pastoralist and politician Horatio Wills was the first person to openly espouse Australian republicanism.

The fervour of republicanism tailed off in the 1890s as the labour movement became concerned with the Federation of Australia.

The republican movement dwindled further during and after World War I.

Like its late acceptance of the Statute of Westminster, Australia was once again one of the last Commonwealth countries to adopt the change in its own laws: the category "British subjects" was abolished in Australian law only in 1987.

In 1986, the Australia Act was enacted, thereafter eliminating the remaining, mainly theoretical, ties between the legislature and judiciary of the United Kingdom and the Australian states.


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