Beethoven Romanticism Essay

These include 'La donna e mobile' from Rigoletto and 'the brindisi (drinking song)' from La Traviata. He used his opera music to help fuel the Risorgimento, an Italian political movement that sought to unify Italy.Verdi played an important role in Italian nationalism.

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Franz Schubert was like a 19th-century Billy Joel who is best remembered as a prolific songwriter whose career was cut short by an early death from syphilis.

His favorite genre was lieder, which just means 'songs' in German, but is used in classical music to refer to German songs from the Romantic period for the piano and voice.

He was very popular, and started a craze nicknamed Lisztomania that swept Europe.

As a composer, Liszt's music helped to form the New German School of music, which featured expanded musical forms and new harmonies.

Brahms was more traditional than most romantics and was deeply inspired by the music of the two previous eras, especially that of Bach and Mozart.

He was his own harshest critic, destroying hundreds of works that he believed weren't good enough to be performed.

Despite this ailment, Beethoven continued to compose amazing works.

After his death, he was idolized as a musical genius by later Romantic era composers.

Over time, Brahms fell deeply in love with Clara Schumann, despite the fact that she was 14 years older and already married.

This attraction caused Brahms a great deal of mental anguish as he struggled to reconcile his feelings with the respect he had both for Clara and her husband, Robert.


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