Best Music For Writing A Paper

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I try to keep most of it upbeat, that way it still gives me that “I’m exercising to my workout music” feeling while I write.

I get pretty distracted by words and repetition, so I find that all three are agnostic in those areas.

Oftentimes we have innumerable distractions at work competing for our attention.

Luckily, music can help put us back on a more productive track.

Sometimes way-out-front instrumental melodies will also distract me.” He tells me that, for him, the best music to listen to while writing is “classical/romantic, electronic ambient, instrumental (/light) jazz, other unobtrusive instrumental music (what I call “wallpaper”), or nothing at all.” [Tweet “The @Lantern Content crew share their writing playlists. ”] Here in the Lantern office, it is not unusual to find several of us tapping away at our keyboards with earbuds in.

What do these folks find is the best music to listen to while writing?

Here’s what they say, plus a few writing playlists they’ve shared.

At different points in my life, I’ve been totally immersed in music, and in other times, I can’t listen to anything. But I have found a new artist that has inspired me to listen to more music and especially listen while working: Nils Frahm. However, anytime I’m working on graphic design projects, or I’m pulling analytics for our clients, I will listen to music.

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What a writer listens to as they write is a very personal choice. Others prefer the dull but loud background bustle of a coffee shop.


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