Bleed Into Me Essay

She describes what many children of alcoholics experience as they navigate their conflicting feelings of love for a wounded parent as well as sadness, anger, confusion, loneliness, and rejection. It would have interested me if Pine had shared more about her process of developing self worth and transforming her life. Maybe the process of writing was cathartic for Pine, but as a reader it left me feeling flat.

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Women's bodies and minds are often forced into boxes, and with this book, Pine attempts to squirm her way out of the box by taking on topics that squick most people out when they're coming out of a woman's mouth.

The book opens with a harrowing story of her father suffering from organ failure in a Greek hospital due to alcoholism, and she writes about her stunned horror and the gross conditions she found herself in as she had to take on much of his care herself for a time.

I thought the goal of feminism is to lift women up and ensure that we have choices.

Pine does, at least, recognise and name her own internalised sexism.

I encountered similar reviews for Janice Erlbaum's book GIRLBOMB, and came to the conclusion that people just seem to ferociously gate-keep who gets to write about their childhood being depressing or dysfunctional, and that if it doesn't reach a certain milestone of horrific abuse (which the author then heroically and inspirationally must overcome-- otherwise the memoir is branded as too depressing), the author doesn't deserve to write about these things, let alone feel bad about them.



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