Book Report Of Romeo And Juliet By William Shakespeare

Book Report Of Romeo And Juliet By William Shakespeare-67
After she didn’t find any understanding or help from anyone, Juliet goes to friar Laurence and comes up with a deadly plan.She was going to drink a potion that will stop her breathing for 42 hours convincing everyone that she is dead.

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It is not only the ball that keeps them occupied, but also the arrival of the count Paris who is coming to ask for the hand of their daughter Juliet.

Juliets father considers her too young to get married but does not hide his satisfaction with the fact that the count Paris is interested in his daughter.

Romeo and Juliette is an epic love story whose plot is set in a small Italian city Verona.

A great hatred between the powerful families Capuleti and Montecchi was carried out through generations.

Juliet was devastated and admits to her maid that Romeo is hiding at friar Laurence.

The old Capuleti can’t believe that Tybalt is dead and he is even more upset over the suffering of his daughter.Soon after the ball and the misfortunate event, Romeo finds himself under Juliets window and in that glorious moment they promise each other eternal love and decide to get married.Friar Laurence, despite his concern about this sudden love, decides to marry them.He hopes that the marriage between Romeo and Juliet will bring peace and forever end the family war.Unfortunately, thing didn’t go the way they were planned.The truth, alongside the real reason for Romeos strange behavior, comes out when Benvolio finds out that Romeo is unhappily in love with Rosaline.To cheer him up again, Benvolio suggests that they sneak into the Capuletis ball while convincing him that the cure for his disease is there.The duke Scala settled the fight by threatening to punish the servants if a disorder like that ever occurred again.Romeos parents, the Montecchis, were happy that the fight did not include their son.Because of that he decides to rush her weeding with the count Paris.Juliet makes her father mad by refusing to marry the count.


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