Brian Doyle The Best Nature Essay Ever

I could list a few favorites found within but they are all grand.

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His unique and methodical writing gives the reader an idea of how he would like us to go about our lives.

To him, the reason we are here on Earth is to love.

In addition to the must-reads below, I also particularly enjoyed the essays "Glory Bee" and "The Sudden Flight of Mrs.

Wilhemina Kettell, in Summer." Leap - a powerful, tearful tribute to the victims of the Sept 11 attacks The Anchoviad - a fun and thoughtful pondering on anchovies and children Kaddish - a memorial to those who died in the World Trade Center, a memorial that I did not expect to be as moving as it is Why Write?

Love Brian Doyle's intelligent, heartfelt, spiritual, honest writing.

He has such a way with words and meaning that you must stop and think, relate, and feel as you read through his essays.

There are several must-read essays in this collection, and I've added links to online versions of these at the bottom, in order of recommendation.

It is clear that most of Doyle's essays are written for himself. The naked, humble honesty of emotion he reveals is lovely because it is so human.

If the only thing I had read was the beginning (before the essays actually) "Why Write? December 2014 - a Christmas gift from my son and so a reread. The 10th Anniversary edition of a 2003 collection of essays which Doyle wrote when his children were small and directly after 9/11.

The 9/11 essays are laments unlike any others I have read. He takes usually difficult situations and helps us see the humor.


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