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More importantly, the book shows a side of Warren Buffett that is often overshadowed by his portfolio performance.Buffett is a great manager This is a Buffett book that really isn’t about Buffett, although he is one of the main characters.

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For a man in his 80s, Warren Buffett still gets around. Search the financial section of any bookstore and you will likely see his face at least once and his name several more times.The naïf who succeeds and mysteriously makes sense of an entirely alien environment is the subject of movie after movie — from the character Peter Sellers played in . Buffet, the sage of Omaha who has been enormously successful in a field where competition is ruthless. Buffet's company, Berkshire Hathaway Inc., was .46; by 1997, it was ,488. Buffet's success has been examined from every angle as he turned his company from a shirt manufacturer to a holding company that writes property and casualty insurance through the GEICO Corporation and reinsurance through the General Re Corporation; publishes a newspaper, encyclopedias and instructional material; makes confectionery products, home-cleaning systems and footwear; operates a retail home-furnishings center, and provides training to aircraft pilots.Yet, if emulation is a measure of understanding, it appears little understood.Above the maelstrom of analysts, commentators and private investors stands Mr.Buffet, a man of resolutely simple tastes, who oozes old-fashioned decency from every pore.It is a great book for investors just starting out and it continues to be a strong read even when you think you know what you’re doing.It is always a bit of surprise to think that Buffett has never written a book himself.Buffett says value investing is like an inoculation. The naïve figure who utters profound truths appears to hold a perennial and universal appeal.The free market’s the best mechanism ever devised to put resources to their most efficient and productive use. If I’d been born into a tribe of hunters, this talent of mine would be pretty worthless. But the market isn’t so good at making sure that the wealth that’s produced is being distributed fairly or wisely. But my ability to use that talent is completely dependent on the society I was born into.


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