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Something as fundamental as what you expect from a business contract becomes extremely vague and amorphous even after you’ve signed it because there’s a belief that it’s a continuation of a dialogue and not the culmination of one.This led me to contemplate whether my own values were at all germane or applicable any longer in America, as an American.

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For citizens, even for those of us with no aspirations in a career in law enforcement, morality and integrity are important characteristics to demonstrate.

We instinctively know that it is good to be moral and act with integrity, but by coming to an understanding of the reasons for morality and integrity, we will be motivated to champion such behaviour.

Quite honestly, the book that I’ve written was the result of living in China for a period of time …

and they are simply operating with a different set of moral values.

It’s especially important to live a moral life when we are young, as it is helpful to exercise and practise these concepts before being confronted with more complex issues.

Lafollette (2007) theorizes that ethics is like most everything else that we strive to be good at; it requires practice and effort.Critics may argue that this attitude is self-serving and that some individuals act ethically only for their own self-interest to be successful or happy.Critics would add that this is not the right reason to be ethical, and therefore is not being truly ethical.I started to explore that question with a variety of other people in terms of the moral choices they’ve made.Some of them have upheld the moral status quo, others have been defiant.The perspective is not one from a Judeo-Christian sense of right and wrong.They’re far more philosophical and don’t believe that there’s any one way of being right, and there are very few ways of being wrong.Successful business leaders often say that treating people morally is a very important aspect in obtaining success.A person’s reputation is of key importance for a business leader, and if a person’s reputation is damaged by poor ethical conduct, the business will also suffer. Where ethics are taken seriously, and people strive to make ethical decisions and actions, personal and professional success follows.Morality is a personal set of beliefs, and you could say that it’s the core of who we are as individuals.Ethics is expressed in terms of the expectations and the sanctions that are defined and enforced by a certain culture and society.


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