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Close cooperation with highly successful professional photographers that Mrs.

[fashion business plan example] COMPANY FOUNDER knows personally will give the marketing approach an edge offline and online and greatly impact the presentation of the company to potential clients and partners.

She also has conducted a survey of more than 130 women associated with motorcycle clubs/associations.

By currently working in sales and merchandising at Ducati Triumph she could gain insight the motorcycle industry.

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The product (fashionable motorcycle bags and clothing) is supposed to fill a niche in the motorcycle apparel market, which makes the emphasis on fashion also a part of the company’s USP in contrast to the usual sports racing/Americana look that is traditionally produced by competitors.This is an example business plan for a start-up clothes business selling a collection of self-designed bags and will expand the product portfolio to apparel for female motorcyclists – the goal is to establish itself as a well-known brand for motorcycle clothing for fashion-conscious women by combining functionality (protection) and style.The founder is an experienced motorcyclist herself and understands the particular needs of female fellow motorcyclists.She has worked as an art director for eight years and has leadership experience, though not very much fashion design experience yet.Interested in having a selection of full real-life fashion business plan templates in MS Word (alongside their respective financials in Excel) for your project?The products will be messengers of the brand and proudly show off tough motorcyclist girls’ sexyness and feminity. [fashion business plan example] COMPANY FOUNDER is an experienced entrepreneur and has worked as an art director for over 8 years.The accessories and later the clothing will be cool and elegant, making a statement to be summarized as follows: I live and think independently and I am a passionate, self-conscious woman.[fashion business plan example] COMPANY is established by Mrs. She has already designed dozens of looks and as a designer will be able to create many marketing resources herself and strike up business relationships in the creative industry.She has experience in leadership and has conducted extensive marketing research including an empirical internet survey of over 130 women, which she found by reaching out to motorcycle associations and clubs.She also already stands in contact with various potential clients, business helpers and partners.The fabric will be mainly high-tech artificial fabrics which are cut and rip-proof and can last for decades.A certain proportion of the products or certain parts of some products will also be made of leather.


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