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In the 90s, California Air Resources Board (CARB) passed the landmark the Zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) mandate that required car companies to offer electric vehicles to their customers.The companies complied with the order and created more than 5000 electric vehicles.The first climate agreements were signed during that time, and it was against a background of general skepticism. That skepticism is still evident today, especially among the Republicans.

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After vested interests killed the electric cars in the 90s in the United States, the situation is changing, and electric cars are coming back in a major way.

The rebound is mainly due to the economics of the gasoline versus the electric car.

Also, the range problem of electric vehicles was a major issue compared to the gasoline car that gives users the freedom to roam.

According to the dealers and people involved in the production and selling of the cars, the demand was not therefore for reasons explained above.

It was not possible at that time for users to think about the merits of an electric car.

Besides, the idea of global warming or pollution was still new.

Despite what happened, two decades down, electric cars are once again attracting attention and might replace gasoline cars within a decade from now or so.

The first class of people who were responsible for the death of the electric car is the consumers.

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It deals specifically with an electric car an if the electric car is coming back.


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