Causes Of Juvenile Delinquency Research Paper

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According to this theory, people develops deviant behaviors by interacting and associating themselves with those who engages themselves in deviant behavior can learn positive or negative behavior through interaction.

According to this theory, people develops deviant behaviors by interacting and associating themselves with those who engages themselves in deviant behavior i.e.

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With this regards, a criminal undergoes through phases of apprenticeship which is similar to that of a lawyer or a doctor.

Tarde came up with three laws that provided an account for the imitations and juvenile delinquency.

Usually, society does not exist as an island but rather different person interacts and this ensures that the society continues to exist.

The social interaction theory and juvenile delinquency have been written extensively over the years and the studies have proved to be logically consistent and also useful in providing the empirical support.

Specific definitions render one to act in a certain manner and the more one learns specific or general attitudes, the higher the chances of engaging in delinquency acts (Krohn Imitations theory of juvenile delinquency refers to the process whereby one imitates behavioral characteristics of others by observing them.

The imitation theory of social delinquency was modeled by Gabriel Tarde who a French criminologist.This theory, also argues that the familiy unit is the major source of learning behaviors.Thus,if ones’ familiy unit is made up of people who are engaged in deviant behaviors, then one is bound to develop the same kind of behaviors.Also,the theory argues that one learns certain norms and behaviors through the internet, mass media e.t.c.formulating the differential association theory, Sutherland used three concepts i.e.the differential association theory, definitions theory, imitation theory and differential reinforcement theory.Differentiation association theory is a social interaction theory that was formulated by Edwin Sutherland.a person may obey law generally and in turn violate specific provisions of the law.Definitions are comprised of behaviors that are learned as a result of interactions and other societal norms that conforms the delinquent acts.Tarde was held the view that the regional differences that exists in crime rates are as a result of local variations i.e.alcoholism and poverty and not as a result of biological factors.


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