Child Labor Essay Conclusion

Child Labor Essay Conclusion-63
Large, heavy, and dangerous equipment was very common for children to be using or working near.Many accidents occurred injuring or killing children on the job.

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This led to the high rise in child labor in factories.

Children were not treated well, overworked, and underpaid for a long time before anyone tried to change things for them.

During this period, children were forced to work in mines and factories.

Child labor also played a critical role during the industrial revolution.

Orphans were the ones subject to this slave-like labor.

The factory owners justified their absence of payroll by saying that they gave the orphans food, shelter, and clothing, all of which were far below par.In Britain, for instance, the Factory Acts demands that children not more than ten years should not be allowed to work. Most parents send their children to work so that they can bring the much needed income. Children are forced to work in sweatshops, factories, fields; mines match factories, and households.On the other hand, children may work as tourist guides and some are sexually abused by tourist.Such cases are common in places like Kelala and Goa.In the current world, more than 200 million children work, most of them in full-time basis.Firstly, we'd like to note that we our writing guides and manuals are offered free of charge.We work hard to create unique, interesting and helpful academic materials that would help students get better grades in high schools, colleges and universities. Child labor is a situation where young children are employed to work on firms, homes, hotels, and firms.A child should not be denied the right for education just because of poverty.When the industrial revolution first came to Britain and the U. Families quickly migrated from the rural farm areas to the newly industrialized cities to find work.Not until the Factory Act of 1833 did things improve.Children were paid only a fraction of what an adult would get, and sometimes factory owners would get away with paying them nothing.


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