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I also criticized that the re-scanning of boarding passes half way on a staircase was a bad practice and ill-conceived.

There was not a single soul on tarmac when the bus arrived next to the plane, either to control foot traffic or to receive my stroller.

Most passengers (being Chinese) scrambled to get off the bus and crowd onto the staircase leading to the entrance of the plane, the bitter cold and wet weather did not help matters.

CE Airlines has a policy of re-scanning boarding passes right before boarding the plane (to avoid abscondees?

) which they decided to carry out half way up the covered staircase.

However when we arrived Shanghai, the connecting flight MU715 has already closed it's boarding gate, and the departure time has also been changed from to , the boarding gate was closed before we landed in Shanghai, and actually MU5416 arrived in Shanghai even a few minutes earlier than schedule.

As a result of the change(that no one informed us) of the flight time, we had to stay in Shanghai for another 2 days because the next flight from Shanghai to Brisbane was on 26th April.

When I eventually got to the entrance of the plane, my arms gave way (under excess strain) and both the stroller and suitcase fell onto the floor.

A flight attendant asked why I brought the stroller up and I explained angrily that there was no ground staff to receive it and that I brought it up in fear that it would have been left behind otherwise.

After major mix up which in a day of departure change to our flights, CE ended up sorting it all out really well.

The customer service from Amy in the Brisbane office was simply amazing and the best I have experienced in a long time.


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