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In the light of post-Vatican II moral theology, however, that perspective has a valid claim to being truly mainstream.

* Not only a very good study for someone who shares the "American experience" but also for one who appreciates the historicity of moral theology in any culture or time.

(Textes et études du moyen âge, 13) Louvain-la-Neuve: 2000.

Besides a very helpful introduction and an appendix that elaborates further, this book contains the Latin original texts with English translations on the facing page. * An excellent historical view of the evolution of the concept of natural law, especially with regard to the nineteenth century theology of Vatican I.

"The American Experience in Moral Theology", (George Kilcourse, ed.; Chicago: CTSA, 1986) 21-46.

This list of sources has no pretense of being exhaustive. It follows the Latin text very closely, and although there are some slight variations, the sense of the text remains true.

In my opinion, it remains the best English translation of the documents available.

The second represents a very fundamental study of the context and meaning of the theology that underlies the Pastoral Constitution. It is worth reading the early works to detect the 'evolution' that takes place in his concept of "basic goods".

One wonders, if the concept can evolve in the way he puts it forth, how can it end up being as 'absolute' as he suggests in his later works. * The "masterpiece" of the Grisez, Finnis, May, Boyle school of thought. respectively, are written in the question-answer format, strictly following neo-thomistic interpretations that were prevalent in the beginning of the twentieth century. * The two books on sexual ethics earned recognition from the academic community.

However, a number of authors who make reference to Broad put forth their own interpretation of what he means by these terms rather than reproduce what Broad actually wrote. Rather on the academic side, this may not be reading for the average layperson. * Probably one of the best overviews of what Janssens has accomplished in fundamental moral. original, 1960-63) "A Semantic History of the Term 'Magisterium'" (pp. Mc Cormick (eds.), Portland, OR: Four Courts Pr., 1995.

But for the scholar and student of sexual ethics, it is a must read. * Very accessible text in which one finally encounters of emotion and psychological elements being seriously taken into account with regard to the topic of conscience. Seen from a different cultural perspective, it offers a fresh way of looking at the original work. 297-313) and "A Brief History of the Forms of the 'Magisterium' and its Relations with Scholars" (pp. * A very good text that combines the technical approach to the sacrament with the suggestions about how to interpret what the penitentials were attempting to accomplish.


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