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Location If you are looking for the MLA 7th edition Lib Guide, click here. City of publication is no longer listed unless there is a special situation (51). Include the full date information (month, day, or season) along with the year (45). URLs are included without or https:// and no angle brackets are used (48, 110). If there are two distinct publishers (not subsidiaries of another listed), separate the names with a forward slash (/) (108). Publisher's names may be omitted for a variety of publication types (42). If an organization is the author and publisher of a work, the organization's name is given only once, usually as the publisher (25). If creating a hanging indent is difficult (such as when creating web pages), leave extra space between entries to serve the same purpose (2.7). Capitalize every important word in the title as described in section 1.2.1.

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This is often the case with governmental sources, which are published under the name of the government agency rather than with an individual(s) name. When using these, provide the page number where the actual information (be it a quote, statistic, etc.) appears in the original source.

Note: Internet sources might not have page numbers.

The recommended list of abbreviations is much shorter (96-97); words such as are not abbreviated. If a source has three or more authors, only the first is listed, followed by et al. The term "author" is used broadly and the writer has the flexibility to deciding if a translator, performer, etc.

Here are a few of the notable changes in the works-cited-list entries from the seventh edition: 1.

Placement and Punctuation Rules: Put all MLA in-text citations close to the quotation, information, paragraphs or summary that should be documented.

There are several ways to do this, depending on how the information is located.The in-text citations provide basic information and, essentially, refer readers to the Works Cited page where more information can be found.Information Needed in MLA In-text Citations: There are two main elements that must be included in all MLA in-text citations: 1. Note: If there is no individual author named, there will often be a corporate author, which refers to the name of the group/agency/company that published the original information. Any print source (newspaper, magazine, journal, book,etc.) will have a page number.For example, let's now say that you are asked to write an argument paper in your English course about your field of study.In this argument paper, you might pull information from the textbooks you use in those courses.While you may mostly use sources from the web, you will still need to use and cite your textbook in your paper.You might also find textbooks from other courses are useful in your writing. Citing the date a website was accessed is now optional (53). If facts are missing and reliable information can be found, include it in brackets (2.6.1). Publishers' names are no longer shortened, except words like "Company" are dropped. This is why knowing how to cite textbooks will be a useful skill in many writing situations, which is what we're going to cover here.There are two main parts to MLA citation that you'll need to know to cite a textbook. It's good to create this citation first, because it will include all of the information for the source and help you to create the second part, which is the in-text citation.


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