Communication Research Papers

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The manuscript should provide, on the cover page, complete contact information for the senior or lead author (address, telephone, fax, email) and brief biographical summaries for each author (full name, highest earned an academic degree, institution granting that degree and present academic or professional title).

The abstract page should contain an abstract not to exceed 200 words.

Analyzing experimental data (N =141) we find that one-sided satire offered by ‘The Onion’ ironically claiming that global warming is a hoax encourages viewers to engage in greater message...

Research shows that news consumption plays a positive role in youths' environmental engagement.

Individuals with low or no vision cannot participate fully of astronomical discoveries if visual media is the primary communication mechanism.

This paper describes progress made through technological developments in tactile 3D models using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory to improve access to data.

Final acceptance will depend on whether the author(s) can adequately address review comments to the satisfaction of the reviewers.

CSF Award for the best presentation During the conference, a price of 500.- CHF will be awarded to the best scientific oral presentation.

This article examines if this also holds true for sceptics by comparing Swedish climate change sceptics with non-sceptical youngsters in their early and late adolescence.

We conceptualise news consumption as foci of public...


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