Computers In Business Essay

The communication among students, parents and teachers is now the matter of a few seconds.

Searching and accessing information is lot faster and easier in computers.

The greatest benefit professionals would have from the use of computer is the great savings from a paperless office.

However, the security of information remains a matter of concern.

It can be regarded as the greatest contribution of science, a realization of the dream, “global village”.

In fact, its significance does not require any mention.

A computer with access to the Internet attached to a printer is a way to save huge.

Since the computers are capable of doing multiple tasks simultaneously, it comes as a cost-effective option to replace several departments singlehandedly.

Up until a few years ago, when a student graduated they were basically thrown out into the real world with just their education and their wits.

Most of the time this wasn't good enough because after three or four years of college, the perspective entrepreneur either forgot too much of what they were supposed to learn, or they just didn't have the finances.


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