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Moreover, Macbeth recognises and embraces his immorality and chooses not to reject or fight it."I am in blood Stepped in so far, that, should I wade no more Returning were as tedious as go o'er." He exclaims that he has committed treacherous and evil acts, but does not show remorse.In addition, he says he's come this far, and resolves to continue on this evil path to ensure his success.

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"This supernatural soliciting/ Cannot be ill, cannot be good. Another tragic aspect of Macbeth's fall from grace includes conflict and suffering. Later in the play, during Macbeth's fall from grace, Mac Duff's family is murdered, Lady Macbeth dies and eventually, Ma...

If ill, / Why hath it given me earnest of success, / Commencing in a truth?

Heaven and Hell are also prominent features as use in imagery, and they show the dependence Shakespeare's society had on religion.

Indeed the witches are referred to as evil creatures, Banquo calls them "devils". This is shown when he says "Most sacrilegious murder hath broke ope The Lord's anointed temple and stole thence" Macduff also refers to Macbeth as a "hell-hound". This illustrates that he feels disassociated with God, and feels he is unworthy of virtuous praise.

Furthermore, it appears Shakespeare's intention was to portray the modern day attitudes towards religion and the supernatural of his time.

Conflict Macbeth Essay Eth 316 Week 1 Individual Assignment Ethics Essay

Indeed, the Elizabethan audience the play was written for would have been devout Christians, and would have had strict beliefs towards good and evil.The external conflict that occurs between Lady Macbeth and Macbeth involving the questioning of masculinity not only shows how manipulative Lady Macbeth can be or the importance of masculinity to Macbeth; it's rather bringing gender roles into play. Symbolism was just as vivid in Shakespeare's Mac Beth. The difference in symbolism is one is more internal than external. These evil influences are either internal or external. In Macbeth, the main character, Macbeth, is driven by evil but is then defeated due internal forces through the use of tragic flaw and characterization. Macbeth is driven by evil but is then defeated due to external forces through the use of conflict and foil. Due to external forces and the use of conflict and foil, Macbeth was defeated, showing how evil is always beaten. " Through the use of tragic flaw, characterization, conflict, foil, irony, and symbolism, the literary work portrays that people are driven by evil ... The beast is more of an internal conflict/symbolism where the witches are more of a physical conflict/symbolism. Both also provide proof that symbolism can be displayed physically or internally. Macbeth himself gives indication that he believes his acts are evil, and that he will receive punishment. This indicates that he knows he is facing an eternity of damnation.For this reason he shows remorse, but this remorse is subdued, and eventually disappears for good.Examples of internal conflicts can be see through the guilt that tormented him because he recently killed Duncan.Also through the prophecies that the witches told him and the constant doubts that happen within the mind of Macbeth; if he wishes to see those prophecies fulfilled.Initially, the first conflict that is recognized is the internal conflict in regards to the thoughts that are kept concealed in Macbeth's Mind.These thoughts involve Duncan being removed from the throne through a violent act. Introduction "'Macbeth' is a play about the conflict between good and evil." Discuss.Macbeth is a tragedy, which addresses the inner conflict of people's morality.


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