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The novel, A Tale Of Two Cities written by Charles Dickens demonstrated how an individual can change because of their choices.

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This novel –taking place around the time of the French Revolution- is centered on a few characters –specifically Miss Lucie Manette and her father, Doctor Manette- who are connected and travel between London and Paris for various reasons. Jarvis Lorry escorting Miss Lucie Manette to Doctor Alexandre Manette –who has gone a bit crazy because of being placed in jail....

[tags: A Tale of Two Cities] - “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” Charles Dickens began his remarkable novel, The Tale of Two Cities, in this way (Dickens 1).

[tags: A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Darnay] - The French Revolution mainly took place in the city of Paris during the late 1700’s.

The Revolution did not only affect the people of France, but also the citizens of England as well.

Author Charles Dickens wrote many novels and stories that relate to his life during the Victorian Era.

One of Dickens works that can reflect his life and true historical events of this era is the novel, A Tale of Two Cities.[tags: A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens] - A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens is a classic novel written in the 1850’s by Charles Dickens.The novel is set in London and France during the French Revolution.Sydney Carton is a morally ambiguous character throughout most of the novel.It is not until the end that the true character of Sydney Carton is revealed....With that statement it would be easy to believe whomever was being described was a terrible character and possibly that he or she is evil.In the case of Sydney Carton however, that is not true.[tags: A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens] - Often in life, influences by people’s social and cultural environments reveals many characteristics of their personalities.Similar to life, authors will write novels based on their surroundings.He had a very big influence over the Victorian society and was one of the first authors to write primarily about the lower classes.He gives readers a unique insight on the Victorian Age.


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