Corruption Essay For Students In Urdu

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Why is corruption so prevalent in the DRC, why is bribery so commonplace and why do two thirds of citizens feel powerless?

According to the latest GCB for Africa, very few Mauritians who accessed public services, like health care and education, had to pay a bribe for those services.

Yanukovych himself is allegedly complicit in many corrupt activities as well as the murder of activists.

He is currently living in Moscow under the protection of the Russian government.

Unsurprisingly, he denies the allegations and nothing is being done about it in his home country where his father is firmly in control.

Together with a group of top international legal experts including the first Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court Luis Moreno Ocampo, and Richard Goldstone, the first chief prosecutor of the UN International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and for Rwanda, we worked on translating this understanding of grand corruption into a formulation viable in a legal context.This ranges from stealing from public budgets used to build hospitals and schools, to constructing dangerous facilities as the result of underfunding caused by corrupt actors.Ukrainian ex-President Viktor Yanukovych and his cronies stand accused of stealing US .5 billion.We developed a legal definition emphasising that grand corruption occurs when bribery, embezzlement or other corruption offences occur.Grand corruption used to carry on unseen, with little publicity. For any press enquiries please contact [email protected] do we do when those mandated to protect us are serving other interests than public safety and security?If Yanukovych were to travel to a country with a grand corruption statute that included universal jurisdiction, he could be held and tried for his egregious crimes against the people of Ukraine.If Ukraine had a grand corruption statute that allowed for private prosecutions, Yanukovych and his cronies would have much more to fear.In these cases, the international community has an obligation to act, collectively and through action by individual states.Grand corruption is a crime that violates human rights and deserves adjudication and punishment accordingly.Today – thanks to new possibilities opened up by globalisation, global communications and investigative reporting, the massive secrecy industry created by the enablers of grand corruption are in headlines every day. In South Africa, police corruption leaves the public exposed to high rates of crime, and causes distrust of the police service while allowing crime to flourish.So too is the inability of current laws to tackle this transnational network of thievery and worse. People's experiences with corruption in the DRC are far worse than in most other African countries.


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