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‘‘Great crises produce great men, and great deeds of courage,’’ begins part two of Kennedy’s book.

He is making reference to the ‘‘fratricidal war between North and South in 1861.’’ And one of the great deeds of courage comes from Daniel Webster, another senator from Massachusetts.

When the embargo was put in place, the pressure on Massachusetts was so great that the people of New England began talking of secession from the union.

In retaliation for Adams having put New England in such dire straits, the Federalist Party convened nine months prior to the expiration of Adam’s Senate term and elected his successor.

Courage, he insists, is not just one emotion among others, but the foundation on which all other virtues and values rest.

Courage is a fundamental emotion that every human being must possess.

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In the society, there are many changes occurring and one can choose to both panic and fear to confront the change or choose to draw upon inner self and move forward.

Rollo May says that one must have courage in order to live a meaningful life in the society.


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