Cover Letter To Submit Manuscript To Journal

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To do this go to the Scholar One homepage and click on 'Register here' under 'New User? It takes only a few minutes to complete the form; once done you will be able to access your account immediately.

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A cover letter (sometimes referred to as a justification or letter to reviewers) is an excellent opportunity for you to promote your work to the editor and reviewers.

This is a chance for you to explain the importance of the work submitted and why it is most suitable for the journal.

You should submit your review through your Scholar One account.

You can access this by using the link in our invitation email or by logging in to your account.Articles should be submitted using our online submission system. Details of what files you need to provide can be found below.You will also be asked to supply the names and contact details of all co-authors.An author guide and FAQ section is available from Scholar One Manuscripts to help you learn and navigate the system.New users will need to set up an account on the system before starting.Your submission will be acknowledged as soon as possible - please contact the journal editorial office if you have not received an acknowledgement within two working days.On this page: What to send & when Cover letter guidance Figures, graphics images & cover artwork Help with our submission system Please consult individual journal guidelines for details of any additional required files You may also provide a table of contents entry at this stage, although this can wait until you send your revised manuscript.You should use the settings below or you can use our chemical structure templates to format these for you.Wherever possible, please send all Chem Draw files with the final version of your manuscript.We can use chemical drawings to highlight your research and make it more discoverable via our Chem Spider database.A conventional line drawing of the structure should normally be included and one perspective diagram (or stereo pair) if appropriate.


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