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Write their argument about how to complete the project.

Why: It’s important when writing multi-character scenes to give each character a voice that corresponds to their immediate goals as well as personalities.

You’re telling the reader what your character thinks your character, not an observer.

When you rewrite in third person (if you prefer this POV), some of this immediacy will carry over.2.

A character arrives late to a party, not knowing that an old significant other is attending too. The host introduces them to each other, unaware of their history.

In 500 words or less, write the scene and rewrite it twice, once from each character’s perspective: The late arriver, the ex and the host.Two characters have been stuck in a lift for an hour.They were strangers but they begin opening up, telling each other about their lives while they wait for assistance.A public figure (a celebrity or politician) is giving a long speech when they are interrupted by a member of the audience and heckled.The speaker loses their calm and responds to the heckler in far more informal speech.When you’re finished, join Now Novel for step-by-step prompts that will help you brainstorm your book:1. She visits her favourite public place and sees something that makes her want to stay.Describe this in 500 words, using third person POV (he/she). Why: Rewriting third person scenes (especially emotional ones) in first person helps you find your character’s voice.Take several lines of dialogue (either your own or another writer’s work) that use dialogue tags (‘he said’, ‘she said’).Rewrite the exchange without any dialogue tags, describing each character’s body language (e.g.A POV writing exercise courtesy of Writer’s Digest: A teenage couple is sitting at a restaurant, playfully making up a fake Cosmo love test for each other. Now, write the same scene, but this time the couple is in their thirties. Write the same scene again, but this time the couple has been married for fifteen years.How would their questions be different than the other two tests?


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