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In the spirit of that holistic vision, we recommend the following resources.Genesis Farm Center for Ecozoic Studies Grace-Full Thoughts Green Mountain Monastery Awakening the Eco Soul Singing with Color by artist Maria Termini International Community for Ecopsychology Nature Writing for Readers and Writers Find the Divine, a directory of retreats and retreat/conference centers.

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When we have a larger number of students to participate, we will probably take them into ‘alternative classrooms,’ into the wilderness, and stay in cabins or tents, and conduct our program in the wild.” EOU is “trying to create an integrated vertical series of curricula that encourages young people to get outdoors, be in the mountains, learn about rivers and the indigenous culture, the history of the region, the biology, etc.,” he adds.

At first, most of the students who were attracted to the Wilderness Writing Concentration “came from the Portland area and were curious about Eastern Oregon,” Axelrod says.

But they write for their colleagues, and their writing isn’t very interesting.

We wanted to collaborate with them to bring people from the creative writing program to meet them, follow them in the field, to interview them, and start using some of that research as the basis for writing for a general audience.

“Then we do a mix of distance courses throughout the rest of the year.” At the conclusion of the residencies, “students are expected to devote 25 hours of study and writing per week for the duration of the program, and should be skilled in the ability to remain focused and disciplined as they turn toward their solitary off-site work under the close supervision of faculty writing mentors,” instructs the EOU website.

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But students should expect to spend plenty of time out of the classroom, too.A small school with 2000 on-campus students and another 2000 studying online, EOU is located four hours east of Portland, with a campus nestled in the Grande Ronde Valley between two mountain ranges: the Blue Mountains and the Wallowas.It made perfect sense to somehow incorporate the region’s natural beauty and history into EOU’s creative writing curriculum, says David Axelrod, co-director of the university’s low-residency Master of Fine Arts program.Or maybe you've had a memorable experience in nature that you want to share.In this one-day workshop, we'll explore the craft of nature writing by looking at its distinguishing features, reading passages from professionals, and developing our own stories through a series of writing exercises.A successful nature essay typically strikes a balance among three key elements: description, instruction, and reflection.As writers, we want to describe a natural place using sense detail, inform the reader of its natural and human history, and convey why it's important through compelling reflection.The formal name of the element simply detracts from the ways that writers work.As Ray explains, "What's important is that, in seeing it and naming it for yourself, you have a new vision of what's possible when you try to write well" (42). The name comes from a term coined in the 12th century by the poet, painter, musician, holistic healer and theologian, Hildegard of Bingen.She combined the Latin words for ‘green’ and ‘truth’ to convey ‘greenness’ in the sense of vitality — that wondrous, life-giving energy that infuses and animates the universe.


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