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Members are invited to attend the annual AICA International Congress, hosted each year by a different member nation, and the AICA-USA annual meeting, which is held every year in May.

critical essay is an analytic examination of a text or group of texts that presents an individual's interpretation of or argument about that text using the text itself as the basis for evidence and analysis.

4 pages Your writing samples and CV must be combined into a single PDF document (max.

20 pages), labeled as follows: "ACMP application - Your Name - Location” (for example: "ACMP application - Jane Doe - NYC").

Often, the course instructor will indicate what standpoint to take when writing the document.

Like any academic paper, a criticism report should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.Send to [email protected] the subject line "ACMP application - Your Name - Location."To read essays by past program participants, browse the archive.AICA-USA board member Lilly Wei is the program coordinator for the Art Critic Mentoring Program.The text that the critical essay is about should be clearly identified very early—typically in the first paragraph.Shortly following, it should present a specific thesis about that text.A criticism essay can be written about a concept, a topic, or even a person, place, thing, work of artwork, and more.Criticism essays are a way for course instructors to gauge a student's ability to not only think critically, but to constructively criticize the subject.One of the primary difficulties of writing critical essays is avoiding too much summary.The point of the critical essay is to shed new light on a particular aspect of that text.AICA-USA represents the largest national section of AICA International with over 450 distinguished critics, curators, scholars, and art historians working throughout the United States.As part of the international organization, we benefit from a global reach in presence.


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