Deloitte Business Technology Analyst Case Study

Deloitte Business Technology Analyst Case Study-14
The first question was "Tell me something about yourself".

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No questions will be asked outside the CV, while you might be grilled as to what is in the CV. The main task was to build a business analytics solution for the client and the requirements for the same.

Experience This is all as of August 2016 in Bangalore. Mediating the GD will give you a lot of Brownie points! After 2 minutes the interviewer heard from each one of us just to check how well we had understood the case, following which we were given an A1 size sheet and markers.

Pretty much a typical case with a slight technology/ Be extremely organized, and take careful notes (read: don't write EVERYTHING down).

Also, don't be afraid to be quiet during the interview.

Interview Experience The entire interview is mostly HR. Experience The first round was an online test conducted by Aspiring Minds which consisted of 3 sections- Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative and Logical Reasoning. Groups of 7 were made and we were given a case which is basically a client situation.

Deloitte Business Technology Analyst Case Study

You are judged on the basis of how much can you learn and what is your intention regarding sticking with the company. Remember every interview is subjected to the interviewer. We were given about 2 minutes to read and understand the case and 4 questions followed the case.It's okay to say, "give me a second to better formulate my thoughts."Also, you can work behavioral aspects into the case.For example, when asked about what considerations to take into account when implementing a global system, I said something along the lines of: "Well, whenever you're implementing a global system, you need to be able to appreciate the cultural diversity.Interview Experience The case study messed everyone in the room.No matter what we talked about the moderator said we weren't talking relevant.I would also love to solve problems on a large scale and see Fortune 500 companies implement my solutions.In the near future, I would wish to get promoted to a Consultant from BTA as soon as possible.Per GD group one dude/dudette from deloitte who keeps monitoring the proceedings. REMEMBER, you are trying to come up with a solution as a GROUP! 20 Min- Come up with a soln for all 3 questions based on the Case. Make sure you revisit all the projects that you have done. After 10 mins, a new interviewer came in for the presentation wherein we had to discuss whatever we had planned and thought of.Then Chart out the solution on an A2 asized chart 10 Min- 2nd Deloitte dude/dudette comes in to see you present as a group. About 50 of us were selected for the Interview round. Most of them might be a year old and you might not remember the details. Our case consisted of 4 questions, so we had divided the questions among ourselves.Then I was asked about my internship and the role I played there.I interned at a start up as the Associate Product Architect, so I explained everything and what I had learnt there working in a team.


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