Democrats Vs Republicans Compare And Contrast Essay

Democrats Vs Republicans Compare And Contrast Essay-83
Both Republicans and Democrats have unequivocal pockets of political support.When running for office, votes come from various sectors of society: different races, ethnic groups, genders and religions.With so many fundamental differences between the parties, finding topics or issues upon which constituents agree upon can at times be somewhat difficult.

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The Democrats believe that extending tax cuts to the middle class families of America that make less than 250,000$ a year while raising taxes on the extremely wealthy and huge corporations to help parents pay for college (“Democrats Unveil”).

While the Republican Party says it would “try to eliminate taxes on interest, dividends and capital gains altogether for lower and middle-income taxpayers also would work to repeal the estate tax and the alternative minimum tax” (“Democrats Unveil”). Works Cited “Democrats Unveil Their National Platform.” CBSNEWS.

These mainly occur in international, social, economic, and domestic issues.

Economics is the study of currency and how it is made and distributed through our economy. “Republican Party Platforms, Then and Now.” The New York Times.

Democrat’s vs Republicans In the United States there are only two main political parties to choose from.

The two main parties are the Democrats and the Republicans.

Education is all well and good, but skill is better.

The United States is the closest form of perfect government which can be found on the planet, Christianity is the "true" religion, but in the spirit of the Constitution, others are allowed (as long as they're not outlandish, foreign or promoting immoral practices) (sometimes these are the same thing). Democrats believe we're all in this together, and so we sink or swim as a group.

There is no such thing as inequality because it has been legislated out of existence- anyone claiming inequality is "holding them back" is not trying hard enough. Inequality exists in numerous ways, and it is up to us as a nation to legislate inequality towards more equal standards whenever possible.

Luck plays as big a role in success as hard work and determination, and that's not fair, but neither is luck.


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