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A thesis statement has two main parts - a claim and the supporting information.

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Libraries or internet searches are awash with sources of information and knowledge.

Books, journals, reports, conference papers and many other credible sources can be accessed.

Expository essay has the following features; A student must keep in mind that a typical expository essay sample does not purpose to analyze something or even make a persuasive argument, but informs the audience.

Therefore, when a student tasked with writing an expository essay writes a piece whose purpose deviates from the purpose of describing or informing readers, then it is possible that he or she has got the assignment wrong.

The introduction is the first paragraph of an essay that gives the audience the roadmap for deeper discussion.

It introduces the reader to the topic in an interesting way and outlines the main ideas of the writer and also explains how the ideas will be presented in the main discussion or body of the essay.The above types of expository essays also qualify as examples of expository essays.When writing an expository essay, one must adhere to the norms and requirements expected of informative writing.The following steps can be used in the process of writing this type of essay; Choosing the topic to write about is never always a walk in the park. Usually, people tend to have a rough idea about a topic they come across, even with little information or knowledge about the topic.The mind will not draw blank and the rough idea may be based on something someone heard, read about or practices.Having understood what an expository essay is, it is necessary to also look at expository essay examples most students will likely come across during their studies; Descriptive essays are written to describe something, someone or an event. In this example of expository essay, a general topic is simplified or broken down into different categories.Each of the categories is then described or explained with examples.An expository essay aims at explaining or describing a topic in a comprehendible or logical manner.The writer's opinion or emotion is not required here.Brainstorming can be achieved when one takes the initiative to sort out what they know through a number of techniques such as writing freely what immediately comes to the mind.This entails writing quickly, without stopping or editing things which immediately come to your mind about the topic in hand.


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