Diamond E Analysis Essay

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WALL•E files it away inside his shelter amid rows upon rows of other carefully organized curios.

As he tidies up, he watches a few scenes from his one and only Betamax cassette, (1969), and sings the melodic beats of the upbeat “Put On Your Sunday Clothes” followed by the love song “It Only Takes a Moment”, after which he yearns for someone’s hand to hold.

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But an entire film about a robot was unconventional, even for Pixar, so the concept was stored away at the time, considered too risky for a studio that had not yet debuted its first computer-animated feature.

Diamond E Analysis Essay

Not until long after Pixar had established itself would the writer-director return to the idea of an isolated robot left on Earth.After rocking himself to sleep, a day in the life of WALL•E has come to an end, but the solitude and loneliness of this evident dreamer are enough to evoke tears., Pixar Animation Studios’ ninth feature, and their very best, channels an incredible wellspring of emotion from an unlikely story about the last robot on Earth, filling us with warmth, empathy, and the desire to engage in our world.Originally titled “Trash Planet” and then the oddly punctuated “W. L.-E.”, Stanton’s initial development of the story alongside Docter consisted of setup alone.Acts two and three were a mystery to the writer-director, and over the course of Stanton’s various scripts and brainstorming sessions, he considered incorporating elements of an alien race and a robot rebellion, both of which were scrapped. Pushing through its polluted atmosphere.” The writing is simple but evocative, not unlike the film itself.Regardless of these lofty subtexts, also remains unique for being an almost silent, mostly dialogue-less, largely pantomimed film.From its themes to its execution, Stanton and his team of animators design a resounding work of commercial art.Alongside John Lasseter (Pixar’s CEO), Joe Ranft (head of Pixar’s story department), and Pete Docter (one of Pixar’s future directors), Stanton helped conceive ideas for future film concepts such as .During the discussion, Stanton asked, “What if mankind had to leave Earth and somebody forgot to turn off the last robot?Contact us if you experience any difficulty logging in.Somewhere in space, a haze of dormant satellites orbits the not-so-blue planet Earth.


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