Differences Between Chinese And American Culture Essay

Differences Between Chinese And American Culture Essay-61
For majority of people, a child’s parents or guardians are the significant individuals during their growing up and until the teenage years.Many children rely on their parents for finance, food, shelter and companionship.

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Cultural morals, lifestyle and morals have a potential role in the parent’s style of interaction with their children (Holgate et al., 2006).

According to Worthman, parenting styles comes in three major types.

Students are trained to 100% obey their instructors.

Students can never object to the instructor’s opinion about the text book content, unless it was a slip of the tongue.

Therefore, they have an immense deal of imminent as to the mental effects that each culture marks on the children, who pass them to the following generation and on to the next.

Through the child’s years, some have a feeling of self-development and would like to have their freedom from parents/guardians.

When picked by the instructor to answer or ask a question, students must stand up to show their respect to the instructor.

Students do not always participate in the classroom.

I am a very active international student of our campus and community, and am excited to share some of my experience with you!

Student Name: Institutional Affiliation: Common psychology has frequently concentrated on the question nature and nurture.


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