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The dissertation advisor may not simultaneously serve as DAC Chair Students must submit two forms, the Letter of Intent and the Dissertation Advisor Declaration, to propose a Dissertation Advisor and Dissertation Advisory Committee, respectively.It is recognized that the Dissertation Advisor and/or Advisory Committee may change as the research evolves.The , signed by the student and Dissertation Advisor, must be submitted to the SHBT Program and the Division of Medical Sciences by April 15 of the third year of registration.

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The Division of Medical Sciences may approve other individuals as Dissertation Advisors on a case-by-case basis.

Each DAC is headed administratively by a Chair, chosen by the student in consultation with the Dissertation Advisor.

The SHBT student tracking committee must approve the composition of the DAC; this is done by the approval of the DAC Declaration Form (see below).

In order to avoid conflicts of interest, a student's Dissertation Advisor cannot simultaneously be either his or her academic advisor or DAC chair.

SHBT encourages students to explore areas relevant to clinical medicine.

The doctoral candidate pursues a dissertation under the direction of a Dissertation Advisor and is guided by a Dissertation Advisory Committee.

The form must be submitted to the SHBT Program by September 15 of the third year of registration.

This form should specify the area of expertise of the Dissertation Advisor.

The role of the committee is to offer advice in formulating the research.

It is recognized that the research direction may change in the process of developing a formal dissertation proposal.


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