Dissertation List Of Appendices

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A clear, complete, and valid representation of the data (e.g.patterns, themes) that have emerged as a result of the study are reported in this chapter.A high quality literature review incorporates: a comprehensive and thoughtful selection of resources that cover the material directly related to the study’s problem statement, purpose, and research questions; primary sources and empirical research studies; and correct use of American Psychological Association (APA) format, citations, and references. This chapter situates the study within a particular methodological tradition, provides a rationale for that approach, describes the research setting and sample, and describes data collection and analysis methods.

Chapter 5: Conclusions and Suggestions for Further Research (or Analysis and Synthesis; or Conclusions and Recommendations).

This chapter makes a case for the significance of the problem.

It provides an introduction to the basic components of the study and states the research question(s) that guide the inquiry.

It can include different things depending upon the type of writing.

In majority cases, it includes the following information: Add all raw data that you have collected during research for your document.


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