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8½ x 11 inches, unless a musical score is included. Fonts must be embedded in the PDF file to ensure all characters display correctly.If you are unsure whether your chosen font will display correctly, use one of the following fonts: If fonts are not embedded, non-English characters may not appear as intended. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that fonts are embedded properly prior to submission.Otherwise, legends and captions should be printed with the same font used in the text.

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Figure and table numbering must be continuous throughout the dissertation or by chapter (e.g., 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, etc.).

Two figures or tables cannot be designated with the same number.

In instances where the caption continues on a second page, the “(Continued)” notation should appear on the second and any subsequent page.

The figure/table and the caption are viewed as one entity and the numbering should show correlation between all pages. Landscape orientation figures and tables must be positioned correctly and bound at the top, so that the top of the figure or table will be at the left margin.

They may be placed on a page with no text above or below, or they may be placed directly into the text.

If a table or a figure is alone on a page (with no narrative), it should be centered within the margins on the page.Exceptions are made only for tables and figures created with different software and inserted into the document.Tables and figures must be placed as close as possible to their first mention in the text.Microsoft Word 2008 on a Mac OS X computer will automatically embed your fonts while converting your document to a PDF file.If you are converting to PDF using Acrobat Professional (instructions courtesy of the Graduate Thesis Office at Iowa State University): The font used in the body of the text must also be used in headers, page numbers, and footnotes.If the figure takes up the entire page, the caption should be placed alone on the preceding page, centered vertically and horizontally within the margins. When a figure or table title is on a preceding page, the second and subsequent pages of the figure or table should say, for example, “Figure 5 (Continued).” In such an instance, the list of figures or tables will list the page number containing the title.The word “figure” should be written in full (not abbreviated), and the “F” should be capitalized (e.g., Figure 5).If you have repeating images that you need to cite more than once, label them with their number and A, B, etc. While no specific rules for the format of table headings and figure captions is required, a consistent format must be used throughout the dissertation (contact your department for style manuals appropriate to the field).Captions should appear at the bottom of any figures.Figures done with software are acceptable if the figures are clear and legible.Legends and titles done by the same process as the figures will be accepted if they too are clear, legible, and run at least 10 or 12 characters per inch.


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