Djoerd Hiemstra Thesis

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Djoerd contributed to several other open source prototypes including Puppy IR, a framework for building interactive information services for children; PF/Tijah, a system that integrates text search in an XQuery XML database system; and MIREX, a library for Map Reduce Information Retrieval Experiments on Hadoop.

Djoerd contributed to over 200 research papers in the field of information retrieval, covering topics such as language models, structured information retrieval, multimedia retrieval, and peer-to-peer search. Walter van Holst has a background in both information management and law.

Prior to starting his own business in 2006 he worked for RAND Corporation, the European Commission and the Dutch Government. Ruben Brandsma graduated last august at the Hogeschool Utrecht on Digitale Communication and Media.

While looking for an internship on serious games Ruben stumbled upon Stichting Accessibility where the opportunity arose to write his thesis on 3D printing and the possibilities for the education for persons with Visual Impairment.

He has extensive experience on the field of market intelligence and marketing management, with a specific focus on the ICT sector. His goal for DHPA is to revive its marketing role, and to better connect its network to the vast market of end-user organizations.

Previously he worked for companies such as Heliview Research, Avaya and Keala Consulting.His day job is drafting IT-contracts and negotiating them.He is a boardmember for Vrijschrift and is their liaison to EDRi, European Digital Rights, a European umbrella for NGOs in the field of digital rights.Arda Gerkens is a member of the Dutch Senate ('Eerste Kamer') since May 2013. In addition she is responsible for education, culture and science.Previously she was a Member of Parliament for the SP from 2002 to 2010, a member of the district council of Amsterdam Zeeburg and chair of the SP's Amsterdam branch.The focus of Vrijschrift is mainly on freedom of expression, free flow of information, copyright reform as well as data protection. Elger Jonker is chairman of IFCAT, the organisation behind SHA 2017.In his daily life he is a security researcher/ethical hacker at Centric Public Sector Solution.He is the IETF/ISOC representative on the European Multi-Stakeholder Platform on ICT Standardization and a Trusted Community Representative in the context of the DNS Root-Signing ceremony.Olaf has been actively involved with Internet technologies since his astronomy studies during the early nineties.Internet became his professional focus in 1996 when he joined the RIPE NCC to develop the first version of what has become a worldwide test-network.In 2007 he became the managing director of NLnet Labs.


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